7D VARIETY specializes in producing 100% all natural, organic, and nutritious dates and date products. Our all natural and home grown approach is integrated into our vision to provide you with products that are made with your health and satisfaction as a priority.


7D VARIETY observes the current health issues at hand in the U.S. population as a serious motivation to provide natural and healthy food solutions to support and encourage healthy eating habits from an early age. With the prevalence and widespread concern in the number of chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer and heart diseases on the rise today, 7D VARIETY felt it was important to create products that would offer a difference to one’s health and to promote nutrition to another level.


As we look to supermarket aisles and current snack options, we can find snacks that are made of highly refined flours and sugars, full of chemicals and additives and trans fats that contribute to chronic health diseases. These snacks are also easily made available to children which is no surprise childhood obesity and diabetes rates have drastically risen in the past few decades. Health issues that begin at a young age can lead to an early development of chronic disease and adult obesity which is why we emphasize the need to be selective about what you put in your body.


7D VARIETY dates and date products offer a unique standpoint; that we are distinct to any regular date found on the US market. Expect to experience a different ‘date experience’ than ever before with warm flavor notes of caramel sweetness and a smooth and silky ‘melt in your mouth-feel’ texture that will leave you reaching for more. We supply fresh Sukkari dates that look and taste different than what you have tried before. Sukkari dates are golden blond colored, plump and moist with an outstanding nutritional value in comparison to medjool dates. For every 100g serving, our dates contain less calories, less fat and 3x more fiber than medjool dates do, making these the most nutrient dense dates available on market for your health.


We are enthusiastic in specializing as a date products company that offers a large variety of all fresh, natural and nutritionally potent date types and date-based products to the community as a healthy snack alternative and substitution to sugar laden and unnatural fatty snacks. We believe that by eating and sweetening ‘naturally’ in moderate amounts, we can serve as a snack food revelation that can assist to prevent the increase of chronic diseases in our society and transform snack time into one that is only all natural and health improving with each bite. We commit to provide products that go hand in hand with your health and wellness goals. Our products are also guaranteed fresh and are grown organically and seasonally to produce a final product that is clean and packaged under stringent hygiene standards for your safety in consumption and well-being.


Whether enjoyed with a coffee or eaten as part of your diet plan or used in your everyday recipes, 7D VARIETY hopes to share the simple bliss of dates within our culture to your home and diet so you and your family can learn to nourish and energize your body naturally to create physical vitality and longevity!