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7D VARIETY is doing great work at using reputable sources, research, and expert views to promote the nutritional benefits of eating and using dates.

Since she was diagnosed with chronic illnesses she knew she had the power to turn her challenge into a learning opportunity.

Our mission is to give people like Juliana well-researched facts about proper nutrition and healthy living. If you believe that your story can also inspir change in people, join us. Let your stories be heard and let us create experiences that will help our reader live their days better.

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We always welcome skilled and passionate writers who can make this impact. If you are someone who values integrity, authenticity, accountability, and reliability, then we want you to write for us!

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Present a clear argument. It should not be a mere collection of health tips and advice. Sales pitches are also not welcomed.
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Your submission should capture the interest of our target audiences, i.e., health-concerned individuals.
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Submit your entry in agreement with 7D VARIETY’s Editorial Policy.

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