Global Dates Market: A Guide on Where to Buy Dates

  • Dates are one of the best snack choices to make.
  • They are sweet and have rich flavors depending on the variety.
  • Dates also contain various health benefits, making them a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. 
  • Check your local grocery stores, farmer’s markets, online shops, or global dates market to have a taste!

Most people are fond of eating, buying, and even storing sweet things. This is especially true if these are our favorite fruits! They also have a bonus of containing different health benefits. 

Fruits are one of the healthiest sweets around. This is also why it’s greatly recommended by health experts around the world. Among the sweetest and healthiest of the fruits are dates. And we cannot deny the fact that among them, they are one of the fruits that we need to consider. 

Dates are fruits that consist of rich flavors yet they are among the  healthiest one to eat. The stages of ripeness are the first thing to consider. This is especially true for farmers when harvesting dates. Ripe dates catch the attention of people in the market while it is still fresh. 

Farmers bring the dates to  Middle Eastern markets after harvest. They also plan to direct it to nearby stores. Most of us wonder how to find date fruit. Some may also wonder where you can buy dates. This article will guide you where to buy the best quality of dates and how you can eat, store, and cook them. 

When we buy things, we want to first understand how convenient it is to acquire. We also want to know how it benefits our lives. When it comes to the food that we eat, we worry a lot about its nutritional value. The length of time we can store them in our home is also important. This is good because the fruit that we want must be an effective and efficient one.

We will now explore the important details and information about these date fruits.

What are the common varieties of dates to buy?

The season for dates ranges from mid-autumn in October to January. They are usually found in the northern part of the hemisphere. The date fruit is grown in regions of Africa, some parts of Asia, and the Middle East. Aside from these places, it can also grow in countries of Australia and the Northern part of America.

Here are some common date varieties you can buy:


–  This is the sweetest and creamiest type of date. It tastes like butterscotch, sugar cane, and even coconut.


– These dates come from Iraq. They have a semi-dry texture. It also has a very strong flavor but is less sweet.


– This date is large in size. It has a dark color with a unique caramel flavor. It’s the sweetest among all other known dates out there.


– This comes from the country Iraq. It is a small date that contains less sugar. Because of this, their flavor is milder than other dates. 


– This is an Arabic word that means sweet. Its size ranges from small up to medium. It also has a traditional caramel date flavor. 

How to buy dates?

People love buying different favorite snacks, including dates. When you buy them, you should consider several factors. First, try to know more about the different kinds of dates available all over the world. 

The second thing to consider is its availability in the nearby stores in your area. To help you with this, you can ask several people which one is the best choice to buy. 

 Next is to consider which flavor of dates you are interested in. Do you like sweet ones or milder ones? This will also help you single out the type of dates you want to buy.

Once you are in the store, we recommend carefully examining the outside appearance of the fruit. This will help you pick the best ones. 

After thorough identification of the dates of your choice, make sure to feel for them too. Fresh dates are shiny and plump, and should not feel shriveled. Make sure to avoid dates that are dry in texture. You can feel this through its wrinkles on its skin. 

By considering all these factors,  you will be able to buy the dates you want in no time!

Where can you buy dates?

If you are the type to go grocery shopping, there are really many different snack choices that you can buy. You may be tempted to buy convenient but unhealthy snacks instead. So the question is: where can you find dates?

Surprisingly, you may find dates at most grocery stores! Try finding the nuts and dried fruits sections at a market near you and check if the dates of your choice are available.

Unfortunately, some other types of dates can only be bought in specialty markets or in particular online shops. To avoid any hassles, you might want to check your local farmers’ market first.  It is easy to buy fresh dates if you live in an area where it is grown. You might be surprised to see your favorite date variety that your nearby farmers are selling.

The best places to buy dates

Most date varieties may be found in your local grocery stores. They may also be found in your farmer’s market or in other artisan shops. However, If going out is not convenient for you, it might be worthwhile to check for dates sold online.

Here are some stores to check out if you want to buy dates:

Online Global Dates Market

There are a lot of online shopping platforms that sell date fruits. You can visit their official pages and search for the date fruit type you want. All the details about the product you want are visible there.

Ethnic Markets

These stores can include fresh dates for their respective customers. There are a variety of customers and sellers present in this market.

The proper way of storing date fruit

Although popularly known as a fruit, dates can be used for a variety of other purposes. It also has a long shelf life: you can store it for several months up to a year. If stored correctly, the compelling flavor will not even change at all. To store it, use an airtight type of container. We recommend keeping them in the freezer or your refrigerator.

Dates are tropical fruits that grow on palm trees. It is under the category of dry fruit that has a unique extreme taste. They also have a variety of health benefits. Make sure to pop by your local stores to check and see if they have the variety you like.


Dates may not be a fruit that you usually know. However, it is well known in the Middle East because of its taste and its health benefits. They can be found in various shops near you and can last for up to a year when stored properly.

Written by:
Wynona Jugueta



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