Can we eat dates with milk?

  • Dates and milk both are super healthy foods with high caloric values and nutrients.
  • Taking them together at any time of the day is beneficial for your well-being.
  • Both milk and dates are necessary for bodily functions such as digestion or metabolism, mental health, skin and hair woes.

It is common knowledge that milk is essential for bone strengthening and repairing body cells. In your life, you must hear the statements by physicians emphasizing adding milk to your daily meals because it helps anyone remain healthy and fit. While most of us use milk in traditional ways, such as with cereals, oats, nuts, and puddings, have you ever considered combining dates with milk? Can we eat dates with milk? Then sit down and read till the end, as I will tell you the hidden benefits of milk when used with dates. Milk and dates are super healthy food products, full of nourishment and energy. Using them together will help you achieve health goals by protecting you against diseases and infections.

Dates taste sweet – health concerns:

You may be thinking, “Dates taste sweet, so they must have a high sugar count, right”? Well, amazingly, they don’t.

Dates have low glycemic levels and high fiber count supplying enough of the body’s energy, keeping sugar levels within boundaries. 100g of dates comprise 2.5g proteins, 75g carbohydrates, 8g fibers, and 64g sugars. Other nutrients present in dates are potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and folate. Altogether, they supplement the body with 282g of calories.

Your concern that excessive sugar intake affects your health is valid. Milk also has a little bit of sweetness because of its lactose sugar. This doesn’t mean you should cut down milk from your diet because lactose is a natural sugar found in cow’s milk. Avoid artificial sugars if you want health and vigor, and go for natural sugars. A combination of dates and milk will help you get maximum health benefits.

Can We Eat Dates With Milk? Health and Benefits

This epic combination of dates with milk enables you to improve your overall body mass and immunity. Its use enhances bone composition, muscles, tissues, blood cells, eyes, and teeth. Feeling hungry and in a rush, go for dates and milkshakes! Another way to get nutrition from this delicious combination is to soak dates overnight in the milk and use it in the morning breakfast.

Muscle replenishing:

This blend is effective for muscle strengthening because of the high protein values of dates and milk. High proteins are the demand of athletes as they lose body fluids during workouts. This is how they can replenish body mass and muscles.

Iron deficiency:

This shake is the best idea for anemic and pregnant women. You can have sufficient iron from dates and calcium from milk. Dates contain 5% iron which is enough to fix in blood cells.

Skin tune:

Yes! You read it right. This delight is rich in vitamins to help you get clear and polish skin. The glow comes because of better blood circulation in the body.

Boosted immunity:

You’ll be in a safe zone from diseases like cardiac arrest, cancer, tooth and bone issues. Milk keeps the cholesterol level under the line, keeping you active and healthy. While dates with its vitamin A1, B1, 2, 3, and 5 support the body immune system. Antioxidants in dates are anti-inflammatory.

Body weight:

Dates and milk is a natural remedy to gain body weight. Adding 5-6 dates in a cup of milk on average provides you with more calories than needed. Also, this shake can help you shed extra body weight. Minerals, vitamins, fibers keep your tummy full for a long time, thus putting down the desire to have snacks on and off. The number of dates you should take entirely depends on the purpose you’re using this combination for, like gaining weight, losing weight, or simply maintaining your body weight. You can also use dates to have good digestion.

Times to have dates and milk smoothies:

Curious to know? Well, you can have it when you want it during the whole day. It is a natural sweetener, so it won’t cause heaviness. Your digestive system is breaking down complex molecules into simple ones with the help of digestive enzymes. According to one school of thought, you can have dates and milk as a charmer in the morning. While the second thought is to have them before going to bed as this will help you get better sleep and relax your mind or body. There is no harm in consuming 500ml milk with 2-3 dates before going to bed. Make sure not to take more than 100g of dates; excessive intake has a negative effect on the body. This drink boosts your energy for a whole day, providing nutrients, especially fibers. You can refresh your lost energy before and after physical activities; taking it as an afternoon snack is also a good idea. When it comes to food and calories, you should keep everything in moderation.


Benefits of dry dates with milk:

Dry dates are also wholesome of nutrients but without moisture. These dry fruit dates are thick and harder but possess the same caloric values as other dates. Dry dates have low fats and control cholesterol levels of the body. Dry dates are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B5 improves scalp condition and strengthens hairs. The antioxidant properties of dry dates nourish the skin cells. If you want to have beverages, blend dry dates with milk. As an option, you can add nuts also. This will be an energy booster. I am sure you are going to have this combo in your everyday meal after reading this article.

Dates contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins necessary for our physical and mental growth. Can we eat dates with milk? Yes, we can! In fact, combining dates with milk can help treat many problems such as insomnia, digestion, constipation, and cholesterol. When your energy is draining, charge yourself with the simple recipe of 3-4 dates in milk. If you have diabetes or face any other health condition, please understand the quantities of dates and milk before using them.


Dates and milk energize the mind and body’s well-being. If a person consumes a precise amount according to their age and need, he’ll be active and much more focused. This combination provides nutrients for eyesight, thus clearing the vision. Your brain and cells show improved neuronal activities, making you sleep comfortably and improving digestion. Many of us face the challenge of boosting immunity, which can be won by having this drink at least once daily at no specific time. 


  • Antioxidants: agents that break down harmful chemicals such as free radicals and toxic substances by the oxidation process

  • Glycemic levels: It is a value that indicates the blood sugar level, represented by GI. Low GL means lower blood sugar.

Written by:
Ifrah Awais, MS



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