Potassium is a mineral found in lakes and sea beds. Similar to sodium, it can also be found in most types of food. Potassium is also found in our cells and tissues. An adult typically has 45 millimoles of potassium per kilogram of body weight. Most of the potassium content is found inside the cell (intracellular) but a small percentage is also found in the fluids (extracellular). Milk, coffee, and potatoes are good sources of potassium.

Health Functions
Potassium is necessary for the body to function normally. It is required for muscle contraction, regulation of blood pressure, fluid and mineral balance, and regulation (maintains normal fluid levels outside the cells), and maintenance of good bone health.

Disease Risk Reduction
Potassium reduces the risk for cardiovascular problems.

Groups at Risk
People who are at risk for sodium deficiency include those with inflammatory bowel disease, people who use medications such as laxatives and diuretics, and those with pica (an eating disorder wherein the individual consumes non-food items such as hair, paper, etc).

Intake Recommendations
The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for potassium is 2,300-3,400 milligrams for adults. RDA is also higher for males. For pregnant and lactating women, the range of intake is 2,500-2,900 milligrams. Low intake of potassium can cause high blood pressure, kidney stones, and hypokalemia (severe potassium deficiency). Too much potassium causes hyperkalemia, which can be dangerous and lethal. Hyperkalemia symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, chest pain, and palpitations.

7D VARIETY Recommendations
A cup of Energy Dates can provide you 21% of the recommended daily intake for potassium; therefore it is considered as an excellent source for this mineral. 7D VARIETY recommends you to consume Energy Dates to boost your daily potassium intake. Potassium is essential for muscle recovery, muscle maintenance; as well as keeping the blood pressure normal. However, some people suffering from kidney disease might need to limit their potassium intake. 7D VARIETY also recommends you to consult your doctor and dietitian if you are suffering from kidney disease so they can properly assess your dietary restrictions.