Experience True Love through Your Taste Buds

Dates ... your love at first taste

If the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach then there’s no better lover than food. A date muffin with walnut will never let you down and it’s mostly a pleasure when you find yourself head-over-heels about food.

1. Food sustains you

You don't need anything else when you have food. Food nourishes your body, maintains your muscles and organs, and provides the energy your body needs. Curry chicken salad with dates & cashews provides a good balance of protein, nutrients, and fiber for a health-giving treat.

2. Food makes you happy

A relationship with food won’t include sadness, anger, confusion, resentment, jealousy, or fear. Food will always remain a loving, comforting constant that can help you through the rough times. Think bacon-wrapped dates and feel a smile form on your face.

3. Food is non-judgmental

Food will never question you, doubt you, or fight you. It understands your flings with Chinese, American, Italian, Japanese, or Mediterranean fare. Mash up yogurt, pears, dates, honey, and pomegranate seeds for breakfast and it won’t judge you if you eat the whole thing up.

There’s nothing like the joy looking at, making and eating delicious food brings to a true food lover. Heck, a human lover’s kiss may not even taste as sweet as the Energy Dates from 7D VARIETY.