Snack with a Purpose.  Our plan is simple; to bring U.S. consumers delicious, healthy, natural, and affordable snacks. To make our snacks some of the most delicious and nutritious that you can find. 7D VARIETY creates a community that will focus on natural foods, health, and fitness, to make our world a better place.



Our vision is to create a global community of health-minded people who are aware of their nutrition and wellness needs.  Let's make a global movement towards whole, natural foods.




Cooperate Cause

7D VARIETY makes a commitment to always use natural ingredients. In addition, they always strive for quality, freshness, and always look for new ways to improve their products. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, let them know how they can to improve your experience. 7D VARIETY is committed to doing more than just offering great foods, by improving  community, and overall global health.