7D VARIETY Frequently Asked Questions:

What are dates?

Dates are an ancient fruit with a history that stretches back for thousands of years. The small, elongated fruit is mentioned many times in sacred books such as the Bible and the Quran. It is considered a delicacy due to its sweet, succulent taste and the number of ways in which it can be used. There are around 300 varieties of dates grown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone. These range from yellow and red in color, to brown or black. The flesh of the fruit can be moist or dry, and the size of a date ranges from 1.2 to 2.8 inches. Dates can broadly be categorized three ways; soft, semi-dry and dry. They can be eaten either fresh or dried.

What are the health benefits of eating dates?

Dates have a vast array of health benefits, thanks to each date fruit being packed full of nutrients. These benefits include boosting energy levels — a function of the natural sugars found in dates — to aiding in regular bowel motion, thanks to the high fiber content of the date fruit.

What are the medicinal properties of dates?

The medicinal properties of dates range from help with digestion problems to heart problems and from low sex drive to problems with energy. Many dates, for example, are high in soluble fiber, which sucks water into the intestinal tract to alleviate constipation. Dates also contain iron, so they can be helpful for those suffering from anemia. The high potassium levels contained in dates have even been linked to a lowered risk of suffering a stroke.

What are the differences between date fruit varieties?

Hundreds of varieties of dates are grown around the world. The major differences between them are in color and texture, as well as size. Khalas dates, for example, are red or brown in color, and are usually moist and have a caramel taste. ENERGY DATES - Sukkari dates are golden in color, and are known for being very soft and sweet.

Are some varieties of dates healthier than others?

There are differences in the balance of nutrients found in dates, however all contain the fiber,

natural sugars, and iron that make them beneficial to eat. The Sukkari “Energy” date has some of the highest potassium and dietary fiber, which is exactly why this is one of the most important assortment of dates that 7D VARIETY brings its clientele.

How do you eat dates?

Dates can be eaten dried or fresh. However, they can also be whizzed into drinks, chopped into salads, used in baking, and stuffed with different nuts or fillings for an attractive dessert. Versatility is one of the main attractions of the date fruit.

How does 7D VARIETY ensure the quality of its dates?

7D VARIETY seedless dates go through a rigorous cleaning process before being packed to maintain their quality without compromising each date’s flavor or nutritional value. We hold ISO certifications 22000 and 9001, as well as Vegan Certification from Vegan Action. This means you can be confident that our food safety standards and business practices are of the highest standards and ethics.

Where do 7D VARIETY dates come from?

Our dates are sourced from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s top date-producing nations. In this beautiful country, each town is known for growing, harvesting, and enjoying a different variety of date fruits. The links between a town and the variety of date for which it is known often stretch back generations and their stories are surrounded with tradition and great pride. This means when you buy 7D VARIETY dates, you are supporting a local town called Alhasa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and buying into a very special part of its history.

How are dates grown in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Dates are grown on date palm trees, a beautiful kind of tree that is so important to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it is included on the country’s coat of arms. These date palms take four to eight years to produce, but when they do, a crop of dates can weigh up to 300 pounds! The date fruits ripen at different times, so several harvests are needed for each crop of dates.

What is special about Saudi Arabian dates?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s top three producers of dates. It is known for producing several varieties of dates that are not easily found elsewhere, but that are highly desirable for their size, flavors, nutritional values, and many other qualities. Saudi Arabia is also known for producing some of the most famous varieties of date, varieties so delicious and beneficial to our health that they are the subject of religious writings.

How do I report a problem?

If you have any problems with your order, please contact us as soon as possible at customercare@7dvariety.com. We are passionate about ensuring our customers come to love our dates as much as we do.

What if I am not happy with the date fruit product I ordered online?

7D VARIETY is passionate about ensuring its customers are happy and satisfied. Because of this, if you are a first-time customer, we would like to send you a free sample to try out. We are certain you will be back for more.

However, if you are not happy with our products, contact us at customercare@7dvariety.com and we will do our best to help you.

What is the 7D VARIETY return policy?

We do not offer a returns policy as dates are a food product, and as such have a limited life once the packaging is opened. However, if you do have a problem with your order, or if you are unhappy with your product, please contact us at customercare@7dvariety.com.

What is 7D VARIETY’s business ethic?

7D VARIETY is an American company that considers its team to be a family. We do our best to create a happy, healthy work environment so that we are at our best for passing on our passion for dates to our customers. We are also big believers in passing on our success to our local communities.

Does 7D VARIETY use sustainable business practices?

The date palm tree grows naturally in the Middle East, and has been cultivated there for thousands of years, from one generation to the next. Each part of the tree is considered valuable, as products can be made from the fruit, the seed, the bark, and the leaves. Because Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s top three date producers, it is in the country’s interest to ensure the environment is well maintained, and that date palm trees are grown sustainably. In this way, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can continue to provide you, our valued customers, with the date palm products we are so passionate about.