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7D VARIETY is the first one-stop shop for all kinds of information about dates and their benefits. We believe that diseases caused by our lifestyle are preventable. This propelled us to educate the masses on dates, proper nutrition, and ways to cultivate healthy habits easily.

Committed to helping the global populations LIVE THEIR DAYS BETTER, this chamber of knowledge empowers individuals to live healthier through the benefits of what nature can offer.

Live Your Days Better

The road to wellness starts with your first step. Thank yourself for taking it.

Journeying towards your best self is a process. We know that all the information out there can get overwhelming. This is why we want to help you make sense of it.

We hear your health concerns, health-curious folks! Your questions will be answered by our team of medical, nutrition, and wellness experts. Let us connect you to the relevant, latest, and science-backed resources. These are all thoughtfully crafted to give you a variety of options for yourself and the people you care about.

Your destination is only as good as your companion. We want to accompany you on this exciting adventure to LIVE YOUR DAYS BETTER.


Ammar Alhelal | 7D Variety

Choosing three dates a day with a cup of tea or coffee over a sugar-filled snack could help reduce many diet-related chronic diseases. 

Ammar Alhelal
Founder of 7D VARIETY


To highlight the power of date fruits and other natural foods in transforming and cultivating healthy habits among the public.


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Your well-being is prioritized above all. So, we acknowledge mistakes and correct them proactively. We are dedicating ourselves to growth and improvement. This is all so you can get the best service. This is the moral principle that governs us.

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Misinformation on any health topic is an alarming problem. That is why we go through our own nutrition analyses. We also conduct meticulous research. We do our best to make sure you are secured and guided throughout your health journey.

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Optimum health is not limited to physical wellness. Experience a more holistic approach to living healthier and happier! This will be possible through the trust and experience we build together.

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You are the reason we created a community that is founded on trust, love, and hard work. Be part of a group that learns and supports each other throughout their health journey.

Making an Impact

This global pandemic has become an extremely difficult time for many. The quarantines and curfews imposed no work, no income, and no food for many. Without alternatives, families are forced to choose between illness and hunger.

However, we believe that every individual around the world should be given access to proper information on nutrition and health.  We knew we needed to go beyond providing reliable health and wellness advice. That is why we have decided to create a bigger impact. We provided access to nutritious food for our low-income communities. This movement helped ensure that these families have access to food while they are staying safe.

In times like this, no one should have to choose between illness and hunger.
Ammar Alhelal
Founder of 7D VARIETY

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