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Date Varieties: Khudri

Maybe you have seen dates in the supermarket, or you enjoy dates on a regular basis. But did you know

Date Varieties: Sukkari

Dates are a good source of rapid energy. They are also rich in many nutrients. Different varieties of dates differ

Date Varieties: Ajwa

Dates are nutritious and tasty fruits. They are cultivated in many places, especially in Arab countries. Dates have been used

Date Varieties: Khesab

Dates are well known for their nutritional value and various health benefits. They come from the date palm tree, which

Date Varieties: Medjool

Dates are a sweet, high-energy food traditionally grown in the warm climates of the Middle East and North Africa. While

Date Varieties: Barhi

Dates are one of the most plentiful fruits in the world.  They have hundreds of varieties.  They come with several

Dates filled with wallnuts
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