1lb Whole Energy Dates

Moderately sweet, it's the perfect treat!


Swap the sugar-loaded candies for 100% naturally sweet Energy Dates while you're eating breakfast, on-the-go, or even finishing a workout. It's the perfect healthy alternative to fit in any time of the day.

  • Real Reviews from Real People

Hector Serrano

I’ve tried different dates at different events and grocery stores, but these were THE BEST! By far, the best dates I’ve tasted. Packaging and flavor were great quality. KUDOS!

Wade Allen

At first I was hesitant, but after a friend MADE me taste them I was hooked. Great alternative to candy! Delicious!

Mike Pflueger

These are the perfect snack when I want something sweet and healthy that will also give an energy boost. I take them after running and working out and I feel great. Plus they taste awesome!