Quality & Safety


Safety and quality are 7D VARIETY's priorities

7D VARIETY holds its products to the highest levels of quality and safety. By following quality control guidelines, thorough sample testing, regular inspections, and meeting the required ingredient quality standards, the company ensures that customers get the best of the best.

What's more, the company's partners hold the ISO certificate. Therefore, every product from 7D VARIETY has to go through ISO 22000 before they get to you. 



ISO 22000

If products pass ISO 22000, you can be sure of their safety and freshness. This certificate ensures that every date picked, packaged, and stored by 7D VARIETY was kept in a clean and sanitary environment.

What's more, the certificate requires companies to have a hazard management plan. That means that every product needs to go through the same process and get to you in the safest and freshest state.