Good things come in threes

If the ancient Romans tell us anything, there is something special about the number three. These ancient Latin speakers had an expression: “omne trium perfectum,” which translates to “good things come in threes.”

The idea is that anything which comes in threes is more satisfying, exciting, better, healthier, or more effective. What the Romans couldn’t have possibly known is that 21st century science would back that idea up, at least when it comes to eating dates and using the fruits of the date palm to promote a healthier lifestyle and better wellbeing all around.

The date fruit is famous for its naturally sweet flavor, its abundant uses in cuisine, and its ability to keep our gastrointestinal tract in excellent shape. Science shows that it only takes three dates a day to experience the many other health benefits the humble date fruit offers.

Here are just a few of the incredible benefits you can enjoy when you eat just three dates each day:

Fiber: Yes, Energy dates “Sukkari” contain 22 grams of dietary fiber in each serving of just three dates. 7D VARIETY Energy dates “Sukkari” are packed full of fiber, which plays a crucial role in keeping your bowels regular. But, fiber is also associated with general intestinal health, and can even lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Iron: The date fruit is high in iron, and can be helpful for those suffering from anemia. Combined with its naturally high sugar content, dates provide a double shot of energy to our bodies, as both sugars and iron are critical for getting us through the day.

Potassium: Dates contain a great deal of potassium, which is critical for cell, tissue and organ health. Depending on the variety you eat, 100g or 0.8oz of dates a day will provide you with 16 percent of your daily potassium needs. The Sukkari “Energy” date contains 800 milligrams of potassium per serving!

Magnesium: Lacking in magnesium can cause you to suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders, low blood pressure and muscles spasms, none of which are very fun. Thankfully, dates are here to help us out, as this essential nutrient is also found in the date fruit in large amounts.

Calcium: Critical for giving us healthy bones, calcium is also linked to reducing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and lowering blood pressure in many. Dates are a simple way of adding a little more calcium to a healthy, balanced diet.

You can probably see why we are mad about dates here at 7D VARIETY, given that this list is just a taste of the many benefits dates offer. Go check out our packs of three Seedless Energy Dates, and start enjoying these benefits today.