The CEO of 7D VARIETY,  Ammar Alhelal, first came to the United States from Saudi Arabia, to study English.  As he shopped in grocery stores and sat in coffee shops, he found it difficult to keep a healthy diet. After doing some research, he discovered there is a lack of nutritious food and even worse, there’s not much being done to educate people on the matter.  

      The American diet is one of the largest causes of diabetes in America. Ammar thought “What if we could replace the refined sugar in foods with the natural sugar in dates?”.  He knew that the date fruit could help give people the nutrients they lacked as they are 100% natural and full of benefits. Dates offer fiber and other nutrients that your body needs. If we replace snacks full of refined sugar with dates, or replace sugar in recipes with the sugar from dates or date syrup, imagine how our overall health would improve!

     7D VARIETY aims to not only provide delicious, nutrient rich snacks, but also to educate people on nutrition and how to improve your health through what you eat. There are healthy options out there that still satisfy your taste buds.

Dates can benefit the body in so many ways, let's make this superfood a staple in the American Diet.  

Food is Medicine, and  Health is Wealth. So, let’s learn how to nourish our bodies with the natural foods that our bodies need.


Our Family

7D VARIETY, being a community focused business, puts a lot of care into our team! Each member of the team should feel like they are family.  Each individual has an important role they bring to our community.  7D VARIETY is a family that not only wants the business to succeed, but for each individual to succeed! Founded in 2017, Our team’s priority is to deliver a strong example to the communities around us.



Our Commitment

7D VARIETY makes a commitment to always use natural ingredients. In addition, they always strive for quality, freshness, and always look for new ways to improve their products. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, let them know how they can to improve your experience. 7D VARIETY is committed to doing more than just offering great foods, by improving our community, and overall global health.