7D VARIETY specializes in nutritious dates and date-based products at a superior level. Our natural and home grown approach provides you with products that are made with your health and taste satisfaction as a priority.

7D VARIETY takes notice of the current health issues in the U.S, as motivation to provide natural and healthy food solutions. With the increased prevalence in the number of diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases on the rise, 7D VARIETY felt it was important to create products that promote nutrition to another level.  We can serve as a snack food revelation by offering natural products that do not compromise on taste.

7D VARIETY dates and dates-based products are distinct to any regular date found on the US market. Expect a different ‘date experience’ than ever before with warm flavor notes of caramel sweetness and a smooth and silky ‘melt in your mouth-feel’ texture that will leave you reaching for more. 

Whether enjoyed with a coffee, eaten as part of your diet, or used in recipes, 7D VARIETY hopes to share the simple bliss of fresh products to your home.  We're here to help you and your family to create physical vitality and natural longevity!