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Ifrah Awais, MS

Ifrah is a registered microbiologist with an undergraduate degree from the Quaid-I-Azam University, Pakistan. She excels in being an instructor of biological sciences, which she has done from 2012 until the present. Her expertise, passion, and researching abilities makes her a dynamic person. She devotes her efforts into writing articles and eBooks to increase the awareness of people. Her goal is to live healthily and increase awareness about child health, especially in rural areas of Pakistan.


  • Masters MS Microbiology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
  • Bachelors in  Sciences BS from The University of Punjab, Pakistan
  • Bachelors Education BS from Federal Urdu University, Pakistan


  • NIL Learning

Professional Accomplishments

  • Entrepreneur Mother
  • Educationist
  • Writer


  • Early Childhood and parenting education, Pakistan
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