Making Your Body a Temple of Health

Do you often look in the mirror and wish your tummy is not too flabby nor your thighs too wide? A body worth worshiping is largely earned on the dining table and below are some ways to achieve it:

1. Eat natural food that is actually grown or raised

Dates grow on trees, monosodium glutamate doesn’t. In other words, eat food that’s been perfectly made by Mother Nature and not processed on a production line. This way, you will get the essential nutrients to stay in good shape as opposed to the empty calories of manufactured foods.

2. Have a rainbow of colors on your plate

Phytonutrients give fruits and vegetables their hue so eating a variety of colors is one sure way to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible (Skittles or M&M is not included). Think reddish dates, orange carrots, and dark-green broccoli. The richer the spectrum of colors, the leaner and healthier you’ll get.

3. Get more fiber in your diet

Want to feel full without gaining weight? Eating more fiber slows your digestion, boosts your metabolism, and controls your cholesterol. Dates, raspberries, and mangoes are sweet, juicy, and tasty ways to help you meet your fiber goal.

Your body is your finest creation so take notice of the foods you eat. Feel good, nourished, satisfied but not stuffed with Energy Dates from 7D VARIETY.