Life, Food and a Piece of Date

The act of eating is such a basic human experience that food writer MFK Fisher once noted: “First we eat, then we do everything else.” Regardless of who we are, where we live and what we do, food is central to our life, happiness, and health.

1. Eat for life

Food is life itself and it’s important to eat well to live well. This means getting the healthiest, greenest eats you can find that are organic and naturally grown such as dates. Straight from palm trees, they are cleaned and packed right away without processing for a genuinely sweet and creamy flavor.

2. Eat for happiness

Besides giving life, food has an emotional side that gives pleasure and comfort when eaten. A chemical compound called flavonoids, found in dates, has mood-enhancing properties that evoke a happy and positive feeling. Also, sharing the sweet, chewy little fruits with friends over coffee is another way to relax and forget your problems for a moment.

3. Eat for health

Healthy eating provides the energy you need to power through the day and prevents you from falling sick easily. Dates are dense in nutrients and antioxidants that you don't need to take supplements anymore. It’s a well-rounded food that can be enjoyed by the health-conscious simply on its own.

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