Good Food that Boost Mood

Health and happiness go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese or bacon and eggs. In other words, being fit and happy simultaneously dramatically depends on what you eat.

1. Load up on iron

With its ability to carry oxygen through your body and boost your immune system, iron is vital for energy and good health. It also helps create the chemical serotonin that gives a general feeling of well-being and happiness. Get iron from poultry, shellfish, legumes, spinach, or dates to turn a bad mood around.

2. Consume magnesium

This mineral is essential for heart and bone health and healthy nerve and muscle function. Magnesium also helps with brain functions that reduce anxiety and stress. Munching on nuts, whole grains, greens, seafood or dates when you are feeling hungry, is not only healthy but will satisfy your craving too.

3. Get hold of zinc

Zinc protects against illnesses and improves metabolism by tending to your immune and digestive systems. It also staves off the blues by enhancing the response to antidepressants. For a dash of good cheer, fill up with zinc-rich food such as meat, eggs, dairy, cereals, and dates.

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